Academic English Classes


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What do we study?

General Overview

University English classes prepare students for ‘Academic English’ at university level. These

classes are for students hoping to study in an English University and need to develop their

skills of reading, writing and listening at Degree, Masters or PhD level.


You choose what you want to study and we teach you or we design a course for you


Academic English Classes

We teach you ‘absolutely’ everything you need to know about academic writing.



Planning and structuring essays and reports, paragraphing, creating an academic writing style,

proof reading skills, citation, referencing and direct and indirect quotation. Of course, you will

send the essays to the teacher to be corrected and given feedback on how to improve.



Reading for assignments and dissertations, extended reading in your subject area, understanding

academic texts. Developing reading skills and an awareness of vocabulary.You will be given lots

of texts to read for homework and discuss in class time.


Grammar and Vocabulary

Improving your grammar, developing your academic vocabulary, correcting grammar mistakes,

increasing your subject vocabulary, grammar and vocabulary for writing. Formal language,

caution phrases and helpful advice on developing your English.



Giving academic presentations, contributing to seminars and debates, improving fluency and




Listening to lectures and note-taking, understanding presentations, listening for opinion in

seminars and discussions.


Error Correction

The most important part of any lesson / course is error development. Every lesson has a 10

minute section at the end where errors, which have been made in the lesson, are discussed

and worked on.


Self Study

We provide lots of materials and activities for students to work on outside the class and help

to develop you into being an independent learner. Readings, writings and listenings are usually

done in your own time and discussed in class time.


One teacher and one student. One to one is the best and the fastest way to learn

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