Testimonial By Carlos Ferrer

International Spanish Businessman

Hello, my name is Carlos Ferrer and I live in a small town close to Valencia, Benetússer. I got in contact with Web English through a colleague who was trying to improve his spoken language skills… which was also my target. I use English at work every day, but at some point, you feel limited on the advances, as business discussions are always around topics you are familiar with.

In my job I often need to travel and customers’ needs have to be attended to in the proper way. Flexibility is also really appreciated but with the needs of day to day family life and in my business we cannot always commit to a fixed time, so the flexibility of being able to cancel and reschedule a lesson (always giving at least 24 hours notice of course) is really helpful to me.

The discussions with my teacher about day-to-day world experiences gives me the opportunity to discuss in a different environment rather than a business one and allows me to develop a more authentic way of speaking English.

I would highly recommend these live Skype lessons with WEB ENGISH… you will never have the impression you are In one those old fashioned boring lessons.