Testimonial By Carlos


How and why did you first make contact with Web English?
I found Web English on the internet when I was looking for an English School.

What were you expecting from Web English ? What did your job/work need you to develop?
My expectation was to get enough knowledge of English for my Job. I needed it because I work with Tourism.

How were your expectations met or not?
Yes, Of Course, my expectations were totally met.

What have you learnt and how have your English skills developed?
I have learnt in general everything. But the most important thing is that I have improved my listening skills.

How did you change your English speaking and listening skills?
I have improved a lot because the English of the teachers is superb. My English has changed totally from beginners level to advanced level.

What techniques helped you best to improve?
The best techniques that helped me has been when the teacher corrected all the mistakes I made and taught me to correct myself.

Would you recommend Web English to other people?

What have you learnt about learning and yourself from studying with Web English?
Really it has helped me a lot in my English conversation.

If you could say in just a few words (in a nutshell !) what has made studying with Web English so good for you, what would you say to someone else?
After studying English all my life, to know WEB ENGLISH and studying with them has been an incredible experiences because they were able to open my closed mind with English because they use such good technique and are patient with me.

In a nutshell: WEB ENGLISH is the best solution to Improve your English online