We Motivate You To Learn

Learning English can be fun

How Do We Teach You?

We have over 30 years experience teaching English

How do we learn our first language as babies and young children? Primarily through listening, which is the foundation of the development of the other language skills of speaking, reading and writing.

We believe in teaching language in a way that imitates how we learnt our mother tongue. In your lessons you will be listening to and responding to a native speaker of English, enabling you to refine your sensitivity towards English pronunciation and intonation. Through developing listening skills you will learn to speak with more confidence.

Alongside our lessons we encourage you to immerse yourself in the English language through the modern media of television, radio, cinema and recommended websites, thus developing a considerable passive knowledge of the English language whilst pursuing your own interests.

Our teaching draws inspiration from the latest discoveries and ideas from Psychology, Brain research, Learning Theory and Psycholinguistics. We work with different learning styles and modalities, helping you to find your optimum learning style.

We facilitate your learning, encouraging and empowering you to develop your own learning at your own pace and build strong, regular routines to practice your newly acquired skills.

What do our students say?

“Hello, my name is Carlos Ferrer and I live in a small town close to Valencia, Benetússer. I got in contact with Web English through a colleague who was trying to improve his spoken language skills… which was also my target. I use English at work every day, but at some point, you feel limited on the advances, as business discussions are always around topics you are familiar with…”

Carlos Ferrer
International Businessman