Testimonial By Jose

Portugal Engineer

I needed preparation for interviews to find a job in Devon. I was a Taxi driver for some time and needed to get a better job. I had taken a degree in Portugal where I was born and lived most of my life and had professional qualifications as an engineer.

I really wanted to do well, l was applying for jobs but I wasn’t prepared with the right kind of vocabulary and speaking skills for these interviews. The English I knew from School didn’t help me and I was worried I would not sound good in interviews and fail to get any offers.

So I had 10 lessons to prepare for two interviews. The teacher had experience of using psychology to help students and was able to give me many tips and much advice to help me becom more confident. We practiced and did role-plays of interview situations. My grammar and vocabulary become stronger, the teacher concentrated on helping me to correct my own mistakes and avoid them in future.

As a result I felt well prepared and ready for any situation. The interviews I had went well and I was offered a Trainee Course to become a Project Manager with the Water Board. I am still continuing with lessons because I need to understand everyday English, which is so different from the English I learnt at school. Also I wish to continue improving my English and would like to take the IELTS exam so I will have a qualification to prove my level and abilities. With Web English’s help I know I will be able to achieve this