Testimonial By Oleg

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I’d like to give you four main reasons why I like learning with WEB ENGLISH so much:
– During all my lessons I have felt that the teachers want to teach me to speak english very well. We always discuss things using new techniques and methods of how to study english more efficiently and I try to use these techniques. The teachers send me extra materials and useful links. They always check my pieces of writing outside of my lessons.
– The teachers can understand the level of students very well. For example, they used enough simple words when I was not such a confident student. Now the teachers give me more complicated and difficult vocabulary so as my level has increased and so have my speaking skills.
– The teachers have also very clear and accurate pronunciation. This helps me to study the language more efficiently.
– I like talking with them on every theme because they are intellectually rich. They also are sincerely interested in my hobbies.
Not long ago I visited Dublin. I was surprised that I could understand people and explain my thoughts. I’m sure that it thanks to my lessons with WEB ENGLISH because I have had no other possibility to practice speaking English!