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General Overview

If you are at university and you need your English checked then we offer a proofreading service.

Essays are proofread, checked and edited by Academic English tutors.

We charge 1p a word so a 5,000 word essay = £50 (for the whole procedure – see below)



Send us your essay, include details of the question and the deadline:

The procedure is a three way process:

1) Web English proofreads the essay, checking the English and offering comments on areas that
need work / confusing areas / academic words and phrases, structure, organisation, referencing, etc…
You make the changes and send back

2) Web English proofread check again and may add more comments on possible improvement
You make those changes – send back

3) Web English final proofreading and check everything is ready to submit (front page, contents,
numbering systems, font, spacing, referencing, bibliography, etc…)


An example of what we do when we proofread:












‘Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. Whole process of your proof reading was so helpful and valuable for me.
I have never felt like this in writing lesson before.Ritsuko (Japan)
‘And thank you for your positive comments about my work. But, I could not achieve it without your help.’ Savaş (Turkey)



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