From Beginners to Upper Intermediate and Advanced

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What do we teach ?

Motivating you to learn communication and language skills with enthusiasm and passion

We are professional, qualified teachers with many years of experience. We have taught English in Language schools both in England and Europe.

We offer 1 to 1 lessons of 30 or 50 minutes.

For lower levels from Beginners to Intermediate, we recommend 25 minute lessons. For Intermediate level students and above, 50 min lessons are ideal.

We teach English to students of all levels and ages including children, teenagers and adults; from beginners to advanced level. We teach English for Business, English for many varied professions and roles in the workplace and also recreational English.

We prepare students for the Cambridge exams, IELTS, CAE and Proficiency Exams and can help teenagers with secondary school English exams in their own country.

We specialise in Exam Technique and Psychological Preparation for exams. We help students to self-edit and correct written pieces in English including essays and dissertations.

We train and prepare students for Interviews and help students prepare for presentations in English in their school and workplace.

We negotiate with you, the student, to design a course of lessons that reflects your aims, your needs and your level. We assess you for your level and give you the lessons you need to make progress and grow in confidence and ability. We give you work outside of the lessons to help consolidate and reinforce your lessons.

We teach you what you need to learn to improve your English skills in the way that best suits your learning requirements. For example, you may want to concentrate on listening and speaking, or you may need a grammar-based course focused on reading and writing skills.

We believe that the best way to grow in strength and confidence with your language skills is to learn how to self–correct. So as soon as you are ready, we teach you how to work with your own errors and help you to correct yourself so that you become a confident, independent self -sufficient learner.

What do our students say?

“In Jun 2016 I started work as assistant architect in England. In the beginning it was so difficult to understand and explain myself, then a friend recommend me have lesson with the Teacher Tim by Skype.

Since I started lessons my evolution has been extraordinary. The lesson schedules are adapted to our availability and each subject lesson is adapted to our special needs as well. At the moment I have already changed to a better job I feel much more confidant, both professionally and personally. I really would recommended WEB ENGLISH to other students.”

Architect Portugal