Testimonial By Fabio

Brazilian Businessman

By 2014 I had an ongoing plan to do a Post Graduate Course at the Said Business School at Oxford in England and, consequently improving my English language skills was very high on my list of priorities at that time.

I visited some specific and excellent English language schools which I had supposed could match my needs. I saw new methods and programs but did not feel it was enough to make a decision at that time. All of them seemed passive and theoretical for someone like myself, faced with complex and difficult situations.

Moreover, I remembered that I had seen for years people travelling many hours to learn languages abroad with native teachers, sometimes using their holiday time. It is an exciting experience but expensive and a few weeks immersion is not enough to make a definite step forward in a second language. So for me it was a not a relaity at that moment.

Meanwhile, a question arose in my mind. “Why not benefit from the advances in technology and have classes with a native British teacher using Skype?”. The more I explored the alternative so the more I became fascinated. The idea of improving my language skills and at the same time, having a good conversation about topics that interest me, like culture, places, facts of real life and in real-time, with someone who has experienced these situations on the ground.

Then I booked a twenty-minute lesson with WEB ENGLISH to get to know their methodologies and also give to the format a try. As an experienced professional, the teacher quickly made me feel comfortable and confident.
When I had finished that short class, I felt assured that I had made the best choice and with the right professional for my needs. It was so captivating that after those twenty minutes so then unfolded hundreds of weekly lessons afterwards.

Gratefully, I am in Oxford now and I am proud to say that WEB ENGLISH has been a crucial help in my path toward achieving my goals, both in preparing me in applying to and getting into the Business School and also while I am here, working with the topics I have to study in classes or helping me to proof-read my essays.

Finally, these six words summarise better the whole history: “WEB ENGLISH, a big thank you!!!”.