Testimonial By Paola

Oil Refinery Technician – Italy

How and why did you first make contact with Web English ?
I contacted Web English because I needed help to improve my English for my Job and my colleagues suggested this site.

What were you expecting from Web English ? What did your job/work need you to develop?
My expectation was to improve my language I wanted to have more fluency during my Job conversations and when making presentations

How were your expectations met or not ?
Yes my expectations were met , The teachers helped me to be calm and more confident and when I have a conference call meeting it is simpler for me discuss things

What have you learnt and how have your English skills developed ?
I have more fluency and during meetings I am more effective at explaining my opinions

What was the most unexpected learning or benefit of choosing Web English ?
I was able to improve my English without having to study grammar in books but through the support of my teacher and by watching and listening to You Tube videos, TED talks and films

How did you change your English speaking and listening skills ?
I understand more and I can interact in a better way

What techniques helped you best to improve ?
Listening to TED talks, You tube videos and films I understand so much more.

Why would you recommend Web English to other people ?
Because the teachers are not only English teachers but they can be life coaches ,It’s very interesting to speak with them and watch the films, the subjects are so very interesting.

What have you learnt about learning and yourself from studying with Web English ?
I too am able to speak English without much difficulty thanks to my increased confidence

If you could say in just a few words (in a nutshell !) what has made studying with Web English so good for you , what would you say to someone else?
That you will be faced with a prepared and friendly person who will help you improve your English easily