We Motivate You To Learn

Learning English can be fun

Learn When It Suits You!

SKYPE or Zoom calls permit the learner to learn what they want, when they want.

Having lessons when you want, you the learner are in charge. (In most schools and learning situations the teacher or organisation control your curriculum, the speed you learn at, the level, the length of lesson and the location.)

Lessons can be cancelled and rearranged as long as you give us a minumum of 24 hours notice. If less than 24 hours notice is given the lesson is charged for at the full rate.

Learning on the internet empowers you to be in control of your own learning process. With our support and encouragement you determine the pace of learning and the curriculum studied . Your progress is directly proportional to the effort you apply to your learning.

We teach you at whatever time of day suits you best, between 7.00am and 9.00pm (UK time ), from Monday to Sunday ,7 days a week.

What do our students say?

“I have been working with WEB ENGLISH for 2 years. At first I spoke on Skype for about an hour, the teacher found a way and method to improve my level of English and prepared a program for me. They were so professional and very good at this work. The directives they gave me and the right indications, have made me succeed. I have passed all the following exams with great success, TOEIC, AVIATION ENGLISH, AVIATION LEVEL ENGLISH FOR PILOTS.”

Turkish Airline Pilot (Captain)